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Packing & Logistics

All automotive goods are provided in seaworthy packing to withstand rough voyage.

Procedure And Precoutions for cleaning:-

  • Clean the piece thoroughly with compressed air gun including the threaded hole.
  • Use only clean cloth for scrub the pc. And make sure the packing area also cleaned .
  • Contaminants AS PER JDS-G169,CLASS 6.6 Total part area = 0.009 m2
  • Maximum allowance of contaminants = 4.166 mg

Rust protection - Anty rust oil

instruction for use anty rust oil:-

  • Make sure the anty rust is clean & Filtered before use.
  • Use neat and clean bucket for oiling.
  • Make sure that there is no contaminants on pcs after R.P.O. treatment.
  • Use hand gloves during dipping process and stacking process.
  • Change the oil before the oil get dusty.
  • Filter the oil frequently to saprate any dust or contaminent.
  • Change the R.P.O. after it gets blackish or as per frequency define.
  • Give 20 ~ 25 minutes to drainage the excessive oil from pcs.

Packing Specifications

Primary Packing Specifications

S. No Description Specification
Corrugated Box
1. Size 14"x10.25"X3.375"
2. Ply Thickness 7 PLY
3. Bursting Strength 8 ~ 10 +
V C I Sheet
1. Quality V - CORR
2. Thick 100 MICR.
3. Size 800 x 775mm
1. Ply Thickness 3 PLY
2. Size (1st) 13.50" x 2"
3. Size (2nd) 10.0" x 2"
Polythin film
1. Thickness 1.5 GAUGE
2. Size  
corrugated-box vci-sheet
Corrugated Box V C I Sheet
separator polythin-film
Separator Polythin film

Procedure for Packing

  • Take corrugated box and fold it to make box shape and tape to joint it.
  • Take VCI sheet & lay it into the box
  • Put seperator in the box over the VCI sheet.
  • Then take polythin film and fix into the seperator to form cavities for resting of componenets.
  • And then stack 48 pcs into this assembled box properly.
  • Use hand glowes during stacking of pcs into the box.
  • Fold/overlap the polythene and VCI sheet and tape it.
  • Close the top of the box and tape it finally.

Precautions of Packing

Make sure no any pc have finger touched print , All pcs are stacked after dipping process of anty rust oil.

Final Packing Specifications

S. No Description Specification
Outer Corrugated box
1. Size 29" x 23" x 25.250""
2. Ply Thickness 9 PLY
3. Bursting Strength 30 +
Vertical inner of box
1. Thickness 9 PLY
2. Size 28" x 24"
V C I Sheet
1. Quality V - CORR
2. Thick 100 MICR.
3. Size 1300 x 850 mm Box Type
Wooden Pallet
1. Plastic strips 4
2. Size 29" x 23"
outer-corrugated-box vertical-inner-box
Outer Corrugated box Vertical inner of box
vci-sheet-1 final-closing-of-box
V C I Sheet Final Clossing Box

Procedure for Packing

  • Take outer box and fold it from one side and then tape well to make box shape
  • Stack the vetical inner in the outer corrugated box .
  • Then lay down the 3-D VCI (box type) in the outer box.
  • Then stack 24 inner packed boxes in the outer box.
  • And cover all boxes with VCI and then tape it finally.
  • Then fold the top side of the outer corrugated box and tape it finally.
  • Then take wooden pallet and stack outer box upon wooden pallet and the another upon outer box.
  • Then stripped this pallet from four sides tightenly.
  • Precautions of Packing

Precautions for final packing

  • After stacking of short boxes the coverd VCI sheet has been taped well.
  • Make sure There is no any type of wetness in outer box.