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Non Destructive Testings
With the growing trend of technology and meeting the customer intensive quality requirements, we have developed high facilities for  NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING under Quality Assurance Department. We are having following facilities in Quality labs :-

Eddy Current Testing

This testing is done at Raw Material incoming inspection. All the material like Bars, Sheets & Pipes are inspected 100% through Eddy Current Testing Machine for detection of internal flaws & gaps. This provides us the extra advantage in terms of Quality goods (Internally & Externally) at customer end. This testing is done on the parts too (Forging & Casting) as per customer requirements. Ultrasonic-Testing-Machine

Magnaflux Testing

For the detection of Cracks we are doing 100% inspection on all the Forgings produced in our facilities and then forwarded to Machine Shop or Heat Treatment shop. This help us to segregate the defective parts initially, so that no further process can done on these parts resulting in cost saving and help us to become more competitive than other suppliers. magna-flux

Ultrasonic Testing

Being the prominent supplier of Indian railways for heavy fabrication parts, we are having facility of Ultrasonic Testing for welding sections. Ultrasonic-Testing